Things to Know Before you come

1) The farm was abandoned for the past 2 years, so please pardon our progress as we try to bring it back from its jungle state.

2) BEES, BEES: If you are allergic to bees, wasps, or other stinging insects, please be aware that they are often near the trees. They are attracted to the juices given off by the ripe figs.  We do not recommend visiting the farm if you have a deathly allergy to stinging insects

3) Fig trees give off a sticky juice that can be irritating to the skin.  Plus, it is very hot. Wear long sleeves, long pants in summer weight.  Hats and gloves are recommended. 

4) We charge by the gallon.  We have 1 gallon buckets for you to use while you are picking. please bring something to put your figs in to transport them home. 


You-Pick is open from 7:30-1:30 PM or until we run out for the day.  Closed Monday and Friday PLEASE call ahead to check for availability before coming out.  Figs are $6 gallon. $10/ gallon picked for you but subject to availability.  Cash only.  Thank you to everyone who came out to the farm for Pick Your Own.  We will re-open next year, around June 23.  



The farm is located at 129A Richard Rd, Opelousas, LA

It is located off of the Lewisburg Highway. 

30 minutes north of Lafayette, 1hr 15 minutes from Baton Rouge.  

Coming from Opelousas, on the Lewsiburg Highway, look for the Bois de Figue sign and a large grove of fig trees.  There is a small road just to the left after that.  Take a left, then a second left onto a small dirt road.  Look for the sign on your left. Parking is to left of figs. Check in and out at the office (marked with sign that says office)


We purchased the farm in May, so as of yet, their are limited amenities.  The farm was in very poor repair, and we are working hard to make it a pleasant place to visit, but there is much to be done.

There is one bathroom on site, a table and chairs to sit under the pecans trees, cold drinks for sale, and a wash station outside to clean up before heading home. 

Welcome to our Orchard.  Bois de Figue means Fig Forest in French, and that is what we are.  Boasting over 100 trees on  2 acres of land, you'll feel as though you are walking through a forest of Figs. 

Figs are in season from late-June through  mid-July. 

Thank you to everyone who joined on the FArm.  See you next year