Seasonal Preserve Sampler

A sampling of 3 seasonal preserves

Comes in 4 oz. jars

Changes with the Season


Petit Gout de la Louisiane

A small taste of Louisiana

4 oz. Fig Pepper Jelly

or Fig Balsamic Jam

2 oz. Sugared Pecans

Small Bamboo Spoon


Let Us Build the Perfect Gift Basket.  

Join us at Market to Choose your own or Contact Me to discuss Options.

Louisiana Pecan and Preserve Gift Bakset.

A sampling of Louisiana.  Can be 2 of the following: Fig Balsamic Jam, Sweet Potato Butter, Spiced Fig Preserves, Ginger Pear Jam

​+ 2 oz Sugared Pecans


Thank you to everyone who joined on the FArm.  See you next year